Valerie Gordon is a 10-time Emmy award-winning television producer with more than two decades of experience creating and overseeing feature stories for ESPN, HBO Sports, CBS News and the Olympics. She knows what makes a story meaningful and memorable and the incredible power of story to influence, educate and entertain. 

Valerie works with high-achievers to build their brand, manage their message, perfect that presentation and advocate for themselves as they ascend the leadership ladder.

Partnering with corporations, she develops future leaders, encouraging executives to lead with authenticity and empowering women to not only take a seat at the table but to impact the agenda.

Her innovative keynotes and workshops offer audiences the story strategies to speak up and stand out and create a successful next chapter in their career story.

As adjunct faculty at the University of Connecticut School of Business, Valerie teaches career development for undergraduates, helping them create their career “toolkit” and job search strategies. She has also lectured at Columbia University and the University of Hartford.

In addition to her 10 Sports Emmy awards, Valerie is a 3-time Edward R. Murrow award recipient and 5-time NY Festival award-winner for both TV and radio.  She was honored at the 2015 WICT Evening of Excellence with the Touchstone award for serving as a catalyst for other women in the industry.