12 3 Workshop What's Your Story? Career Storytelling Master Class

“So, tell me about yourself…”

Feeling awkward at interviews?

Unsure what to say?

Want to be memorable, for the right reasons?

Get Clear, Get Confident!

Join us for our “What’s Your Story?” Career Storytelling Master Class

Get the communication tools to encapsulate your past successes and “sell” yourself as the ideal candidate.

Whether you’re actively interviewing or thinking about a career change or pivot, you’ll receive the skills needed for job search success.

It’s two hours with people just like YOU, who want to find the right fit, speak up and  stand out and amplify their accomplishments without feeling “braggy.”

Network with ease.

Interview with confidence.

Our master class is offered LIVE on Thursday, December 3rd at 6:30 pm ET /  3:30 pm PT.

This will be our final “What’s Your Story?” workshop of the year!

Get ready to turn the page to 2021.

Secure your spot now for just $97.

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