Want to better engage your employees, empower your workforce, improve team dynamics and instill positivity and peak performance?

Book a Commander-in-She presentation for your company conference, team-building retreat, education symposium or employee resource event.

Keynote presentations focus on how storytelling impacts every aspect of our career contribution and builds positive engagement at every level.

Customizable content.  Real results.

  • What’s Your Story? Take Command of Your Career
  • Personal Branding: Take Command of Your Story
  • Team-Building and Conflict Resolution: Building a Successful Next Chapter
  • Millennials to Boomers: Communicating Across Generations
  • The Art of the Ask: Storytelling for Successful Negotiation
  • Sales Strategies: The Power of Story
  • Storytelling for Not-for-Profits
  • Flash-Forward: Goal-Setting
  • Creating Impact with Confidence
  • Building Your Cast of Supporting Characters

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