Want to better engage your employees, empower your workforce, improve team dynamics and instill positivity and peak performance?

Book a Commander-in-She presentation for your company conference, team-building retreat, education symposium or employee resource event.

Keynote presentations focus on how storytelling impacts every aspect of our career contribution at every level.

Customizable content.  Real results.

  • What’s Your Story? Career Introspection
  • Personal Branding: Take Command of Your Story
  • Team-Building and Conflict Resolution
  • Millennials to Boomers: Communicating Across Generations
  • The Art of the Ask: Storytelling for Successful Negotiation
  • Sales Strategies: The Power of Story
  • Storytelling for Not-for-Profits
  • Flash-Forward: Goal-Setting
  • Cast Your Inner Hero
  • How to Thwart Your Evil Villain

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