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What’s in a story?  The stories we put out to the world impact the way others see us and the opportunities we’ll get. And the stories we tell ourselves determine our course of action and future success. Stories can entertain, educate and influence. They are among the most valuable connection tools we have. A universal language, storytelling is an in-demand skill for a diverse array of roles.

Communication is no longer a simple message between sender and receiver. Storytelling involves illustration, interpretation, reaction and action. Stories can be used strategically to communicate business information, build a personal or business brand, motivate colleagues and ensure long-term growth and success.

Gain the confidence and communication skills to “take command” of your career with these Commander-in-She interactive and introspective workshops.


What’s Your Story? Active Authorship (60 – 90 minutes) In this interactive workshop, participants explore how the main components of storytelling apply to our personal lives and subsequent success. Taking command of your own, ongoing career story and personal brand means knowing how to effectively encapsulate your backstory, navigate present-day plot twists and create the micro-actions necessary to reach future goals. Build a cast of supporting characters and re-cast your greatest influencer, your narrator. Discover the key to a great story and why it’s something you’ve likely been avoiding. Follow the formula for reality TV to impact your reality and turn the page to a better chapter!

Connecting Conversations for Contributor and Company Success (60 minutes) Performance appraisals and yearly goal-planning can be stressful for both employees and managers. Take conversation beyond limited review framework and give and receive feedback with story elements that are key to highlighting past successes, addressing present day conflict and goal-planning for the future. Individual contributors and supervisors will learn how to speak objectively and conversationally and author the plot for a mutually beneficial next chapter. Discover the elements to a great story, the importance of “Show vs. Tell,” and how to create and claim value. Stop avoiding your most challenging conversations! The workshop can be expanded to include time to practice and prepare for upcoming conversations.

The Art of the Ask: Set the Scene for Successful Negotiation (60 minutes) Successful negotiations demand communication that is clear, concise and convincing. Whether seeking a raise or promotion or to secure an advantageous business opportunity, participants will emerge with the skills to present their best selves, manage conflict and unexpected plot twists with confidence and fact-check a pesky internal narrator. Knowing what you want and whyis the first step to determining howto get it. Discover why negotiation is a two-step process and what must come first. Employ an author’s multi-perspectivity technique, practice “If / Then” scenarios and “Use No as Your Know” to “Get to Yes!”

What’s My Story?: Networking for Non-Networkers (60 – 90 minutes) How do you establish a memorable and meaningful personal brand in mere minutes of meeting someone? Interpersonal communication needs to go beyond WHO you are and WHAT you do to your WHY and HOW. Participants both extroverted and introverted will receive tools to author an authentic elevator pitch, survive speed networking sessions and create conversation starters and focused follow-up. Borrow techniques from basic journalism and literary authors to provide evidence of your success without boxing yourself in to past accomplishments. Understand the single most important aspect of a memorable story and how to speak of yourself positively without being pushy. Don’t just collect business cards at your next event – create the connections necessary for your on-going career story. Additional time can be spent on networking techniques for on-line platforms such as LinkedIn and Shapr.

Other workshop topics are available along with keynote presentations, team-building retreats and individual coaching.

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