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Inspirational Interviews

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Why What You Do Is Not Who You Are

Listen to Valerie Gordon on the Louise H. Reid show for an empowering hour as she and Louise talk about the leaving the corporate world to live bigger lives, the unlikely benefits of burnout, controlling a critical inner narrator and believing and building the best to come!

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Rewrite Your Career Story

What does it mean to “actively author” your career? Listen to Valerie Gordon on the “Power of Owning Your Career” podcast with host Simone Morris. Get in the driver’s seat of your career in 2020!

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The Right Way to Request a Reference

Be the boss of your career! Valerie Gordon joins the Bossed Up podcast with Emilie Aries and gives tips on how to expand your network, approach mentors and past employers for a reference and make sure your references convey your success story! 

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SPEAKING 2 SPEAKERS: Career and Communication Strategies

Want to take command of the power of story? Along with host Robert Mattson, Valerie Gordon discusses how everyone has a story and how to identify yours, what makes a storyteller GREAT and how something as seemingly insignificant as a spilled cup of coffee can serve as a story with impact.

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Power and Purpose: Finding Positivity through Story

Haven’t yet found your purpose? On this episode of the Purpose Girl podcast, Valerie Gordon joins host Carin Rockind, a positive psychology expert, on how to reframe an outdated or unhelpful narrative and move on from conflict or dissatisfaction to craft a better next chapter!

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Get practical advice from Commander-in-She and Beyond 6 Seconds host Carolyn Kiel on how to make room for creativity, take practical and positive leaps in your career and develop a cast of supporting characters! 

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Commander-in-She’s Valerie Gordon turned 20 years of putting stories on television into a successful solo venture as a “Storytelling Strategist.” She talks about her career path and the benefit to thinking of yourself as the active author of your own, ongoing story.
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The benefit of writing a book?

Getting to meet, talk to, and learn about new podcasts. Thanks Allison Jackson for having me on the Fit to Lead podcast!

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