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Want to make more money in 2022?

Willing to ask for it?

Have any idea HOW and WHEN to best ask for it?

Does the very thought of ASKING FOR MORE make you uncomfortable?

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I’m Valerie.

In 2017, I took what I learned producing stories for television for 20 years and founded career and communications firm Commander-in-She.

Now I help high-achievers use the power of their own stories to create careers of impact and influence.

When you create value for your organization, you can claim value in return, in the form of a higher salary or greater opportunities.

How can you use Story Strategies to TAKE COMMAND of negotiations?


  • The story of YOU – The VALUE you bring to your role and company
  • The story of your INDUSTRY – Its needs and growth opportunities
  • The story of the ASK – How to Set the Scene for SUCCESS!

But the story won’t change until you learn to TAKE COMMAND of your negotiating power!

If you’ve ever gotten the sense you left money on the table…

If you’re questioning if you could make more elsewhere…

If you feel you’re always overperforming yet underearning…

This is the webinar for you!

Know Your Worth Workshop Know-Your-Worth-Webinar

Join me on Thursday, January 17th, 2022 at 3:00 pm ET for a FREE half-hour of “Knowing Your Worth (and How to Ask for It!)”

We’ll cover:

  • 10 Signs You’re Likely Underpaid
  • Determining your Unique Value Potential
  • Getting Past the Discomfort of “Asking for More”
  • The Key Element that Precedes any Negotiation
  • Why “No” is a Starting Point for Salary Requests, Not a Final Answer!

You’ll get all tools and strategies to help you ASK FOR and MAKE MORE MONEY in 2022.

And, just for attending, you’ll get a special discount code for 90 minutes more of material you can study prior to your next job interview, performance review, or salary discussion!

It’ll be time well-spent because you’re investing in YOU.

And what could be more valuable than that?

It’s Your Story… What Happens Next?

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Pre-registration is required and doors close an hour before the webinar starts.

Follow the link below to reserve your spot.

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